Lumberjacks: Making Firewood Lake in the Hills Can Trust!

At Lumberjacks, we’ve produced awesome kiln-dried firewood in Woodstock, IL, since 1993. So, why did we decide to bring our talents to Lake in the Hills as well? It’s because the demand for our wood was so high that we just had to open a second location!

Our processing yard in Lake in the Hills provides the same amazing services we offer at our farm in Woodstock. Here you can order and pick up premium firewood and mulch or get it conveniently delivered to your home. It’s all in a day’s work for us Lumberjacks!

Contact Us Today!

Phone: 815-337-1451

Address: 8195 Pyott Rd, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Sunday

Discover the Kiln-Dried Firewood Lake in the Hills Loves

Our lumberyard is never short on kiln-dried firewood. This incredible wood is our signature product and beloved by people throughout our region for many reasons.

What sets the wood apart is that we take the time to split, heat and dry it ourselves. We do this using our seven leading-edge dry kilns.

When we’re finished with it, the wood comes out perfect for burning. It’s quicker to set ablaze and burns better than regular logs. The process also eliminates all insects, fungal growth and other obstacles to a perfect burn. For this reason, many of our region’s finest restaurants trust our wood for cooking.

We could keep hyping it up, but we know the best way to understand the superiority of kiln-dried wood is to experience it for yourself. We’d be happy to help you with that!

Image of a pickup truck full of bags of firewood in Lake in the Hills

Get the Mulch You Need for Beautiful Landscaping

What’s that you say? You wish there were also a place where you could get premium mulch nearby? This is your lucky day!

We also have a wide assortment of mulch at our Lake in the Hills location as well. Our assortment includes shredded hardwood, red colored mulch and more. These wood chips are sure to make your landscape beds shine all summer!

Reach Out Today for Pickup or Delivery

Ready to step up your wood game? Our team is ready to prepare your order! You can schedule a curbside pickup at our Lake in the Hills location, or we can deliver it to you. Our service area is throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region. You can also visit our Woodstock location for convenient pickup.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to strike that match and enjoy the flames!