Lumberjacks: Firewood for The Bold

Take your bonfire to the next level. Our kiln-dried firewood burns better so that you can live larger.

Enjoy Pure Fire

You’ve earned the right to kick back and enjoy a roaring bonfire. So, don’t let anything stand in your way!

Let us remove all obstacles for you with hand-selected pieces of kiln-dried wood. We heat and dry the wood ourselves to eliminate bugs, mold and moisture. What’s left is pure fire that starts quicker and rages hotter than your standard wood.

Get Better Service

We make getting your wood simple and worry-free. Our workers hand-stack and measure each order for accuracy. Plus, we keep each order separate to ensure every customer gets the right amount.

You can choose convenient firewood delivery or pick up your order at one of our locations in Woodstock, IL and Lake in the Hills, IL. Either way, your wood will be there. Just light it and enjoy!

Image of a pile of kiln-dried firewood from Lumberjacks, Inc.

Add Premium Mulch

Lumberjacks wood can also enhance your landscaping! Our premium mulch stops weeds and provides eye-popping coverage for gardens and landscape beds.

We have a variety of hardwoods and aggregates available for pickup or delivery. Our mulch delivery extends throughout the Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin region.

Bring The Spark

Ready to strike that match? The Lumberjacks team is standing by to bring you the fire of your dreams! Call us at 815-337-1451 to place your order today.