What are the Benefits of Kiln-Dried Firewood?

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  • January 11, 2021

Experience the Luxury Brand of Firewood

Recently someone asked us, “Hey Lumberjacks, what is the key to great firewood?

We replied without hesitating, “The wood has to be kiln-dried!”

We’ve learned from experience just how awesome kiln-dried firewood is. In fact, we’d go so far as to say, if the wood is not kiln-dried, then it’s not worth your time! There are too many benefits you’ll be missing out on otherwise.

The way we see it, the difference between purchasing kiln-dried firewood and regular firewood is like the difference between purchasing a Mercedes-Benz and a Honda. Sure, both will get you where you’ll need to go, but you’ll have a lot more fun in the Benz. And firewood should be just as fun!

So, what are the benefits of kiln-dried firewood anyway? Let’s find out!

Super Low Moisture Content

We’ll let you in on a little secret about burning firewood: the higher the moisture, the greater the frustration. Okay, maybe that’s not much of a secret, but here’s the thing, regular firewood is often too moist!

A lot of the stuff you see at your local hardware store or gas station contains a moisture level north of 20%. That’s why when you try to ignite it, it often takes a few matches and some handwringing on your part before anything happens.

The problem is these stores are selling seasoned wood (i.e., wood dried naturally over time). While the seasoning process does lower the wood’s moisture content, it rarely gets it low enough.

For wood to burn well, it needs to have a moisture content below 20%. And only the kiln-drying process can consistently produce wood below that threshold.

At Lumberjacks, we’ve been kiln-drying our wood for many years now, and we are amazed at how it produces wood with a moisture level of 10-15% over and over again. This magical process is what makes the wood so much easier to burn than your standard logs!

Efficient and Fiery Flames

Not only is kiln-dried firewood easier to ignite, but it also makes for some incredible fires!

Because of its low moisture content, the wood burns more efficiently than regular firewood. In other words, it takes less wood to create the hot flames you’re looking for.

And speaking of those flames, they are some of the brightest and hottest you’ll ever see in a fireplace or fire pit or wherever you choose to burn the wood. The drying process ensures that nothing will get in the way of a killer burning experience!

Image of two people’s feet warming next to a fireplace

Goodbye Insects, Mold and Pesticides

Speaking of nothing getting in the way of a great fire, did you know kiln-dried wood also comes completely free of bugs, mildew and insecticides? It’s true! The kiln-drying process takes care of all those annoyances, leaving only pristine wood to get the job done right.

Not only is this great for burning, but it also opens up a lot of possibilities for storing your wood. It’s pretty risky to store regular wood indoors because you never know what weird bugs or fungi the logs could be towing along with them. Not so with kiln-dried wood! It won’t leave behind any bugs or mold, and it sheds less bark or debris than regular wood.

When you go with luxury wood, storage is a luxury too. You can stack the wood in your garage, basement or anywhere else without having to worry about any damage it might cause. Just make sure you pick a spot with low humidity to keep that moisture level perfect.

Hello Eco-Friendly Combustion

Another great thing about the low moisture content of kiln-dried firewood is it’s good for the environment!

When fire struggles to burn wet wood, it must expend more energy. The result is a smokier fire, which produces more creosote and other harmful emissions. These emissions often lead to awful air pollution and unhealthy conditions for breathing.

So, if you want to make it a little harder for all of us to breathe, by all means, try to burn some wet wood. But if you want to go green and enjoy a better fire, keep it kiln-dried!

Less Smoke in Your Eyes

Whoops, we may have buried the lead here because so far, we’ve failed to emphasize that kiln-dried wood generates less smoke when burning! Yes, you heard us right. Less smoke!

Everyone knows how awful it is to go to a bonfire on a breezy night and be hit with a face full of smoke. It’s nearly impossible to keep a conversation up when your eyes won’t stop watering and stinging like the dickens.

Kiss those awful nights around the firepit goodbye! Instead, enjoy a warm fire with low smoke to keep the conversation going all night long.

Image of a group of people enjoying a bonfire with kiln-dried firewood

Lighten Your Load

One of the worst parts of making a fire is having to lug out all that heavy wood. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Yes, kiln-dried firewood even makes carrying the wood more enjoyable too.

You see, a lot of what makes firewood so heavy is moisture. Damp wood is a real drag to lug around.

But take out most of that water weight, and what you’re left with is a much lighter load. Your arms and back will thank you for going kiln-dried.

Can’t Beat Kiln-Dried Cooking Wood

If you fancy yourself a chef, then you should know that kiln-dried wood is also awesome to cook with.

Because of its low moisture, it never produces a musty flavor. In fact, it creates an incredibly flavorful smoke for mouthwatering meat. And, as we mentioned above, it burns more efficiently, making for quicker cooking.

Don’t believe us? Just ask some of the top restaurants in the country. Many fine dining establishments will only use kiln-dried wood to fuel their grills, stoves and ovens. You can’t argue with the best!

Need We Say More?

We could go on all day about the amazing benefits of kiln-dried firewood, but we think we’ve proved our point. Kiln-dried firewood burns easier, brighter and longer with less smoke than standard wood. What’s not to love?

If you’re interested in getting some luxury wood of your own, we’d be happy to help! Lumberjacks provides kiln-dried firewood for pickup or delivery in Woodstock, IL, and throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin regions. Call us at 815-337-1451 to place your order!